The Initial Consultation

For those new to our chiropractic clinic the initial consultation will take 60 minutes with the chiropractor. Each section of your body will be assessed to uncover the cause of your issue. Sometimes pain in one place can be the result of an issue elsewhere.

During this time you will be asked important health and lifestyle questions, your posture will be assessed and a series of orthopaedic and neurological tests carried out.

The purpose of the initial consultation is to find the underlying cause of your problem.  The aim is to:

1. Establish the nature and cause of the problem.

2. Be certain it is a problem that chiropractic can help

3. Treat you if appropriate and  if not, help with what to do next.

4. Explain the problem and provide essential guidance on self management

The Follow up Consultation

The second consultation normally takes place normally  7 days after the initial one. It is designed  to review:

How you have responded to the initial treatment.

Re-assess the points discussed originally.

Continue the treatment.

Provide and explain any exercises and stretches.

Discuss the plan forward.

Typically between 2 and 6 sessions over a period of between 2 and 12 weeks are required depending on the personal circumstances and the problem.

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