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Scoliosis is a general term meaning sideways curvature of the spine. Looking at the ideal spine from the front or the back it would be completely straight. One shoulder or one side of the pelvis being higher than the other may be a sign of scoliosis. Whether scoliosis can be corrected with chiropractic care depends on the individual case.

Scoliosis often develops in early teenage years and the earlier you intervene, the easier it is to treat. When scoliosis has been present for a long time, the sideways curvature may not always be corrected, however, in some cases the function of the spine can be improved, thus relieving pain, discomfort -even breathing difficulties.

Scoliosis can also develop in later years through misalignments of your spine and pelvis due to lifestyle stressors. Talk to your chiropractor to find out more.