The Initial Consultation

Things to Consider When Selecting a Chiropractor

Initial Assessment and Treatment (60 mins) £60


- Neurological Exam

- Orthopaedic Exam

- Chiropractic Exam

- First Treatment

Follow Up Chiropractic Visits (30 mins) £40

Under 18: Initial £40 Follow- up £25

Students: Initial £45 Follow up £30


If this is you first time visiting a chiropractor or any other physical therapist please be careful

to check more than just the price as there are often differences you will not be told about unless

you ask.

Does the first appointment price include treatment? Sometimes it doesn't.

Is time quoted for an appointment actually with the Chiropractor? Some use a receptionist/assistant to take history which counts as the time listed for an appointment.Your history is the basis for our clinical diagnosis it shouldn’t be left to somebody else.

How many sessions are needed? Typically you will require between 2 and 6 sessions to get you to where you want to be, depending on issue, age and lifestyle. However it is only after the assessment this can be ascertained. After this many people choose regular monthly or quarterly visits, whilst others come when they feel they need it.

Do not pressured to buy sessions up front or agree to large numbers of sessions unless you have already used a chiropractor and know you will be using sessions.

Do not agree to x-rays on the basis of a need to “check alignment” or some other reason that is not clear to you.Ask for the specific reason for the x-ray. Our regulatory guidelines say there must be a clinical reason.

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